Proton Group releases its first sustainability story

We can proudly say that we have just published our historically first, but certainly not last, sustainability story. For us, it’s a first step on a long journey that never ends. A journey with many challenges – but above all, new opportunities.

Maria Thom is Sustainability Manager at Proton Group and is one that drives the sustainability activities within the Group and has been involved in developing the sustainability story.

Why have we decided to publish a sustainability story?

– For us, it was important to visualize our sustainability work. We believe that creating a platform and setting out our direction will help us in the journey. We spread it externally because we want to be as transparent as possible and we are sure that it will help us by, among other things, making the direction of our journey visible to our customers and other stakeholders.

How do we work with the sustainability story going forward?

– We set goals and guidelines for the entire Group in general, but even more specifically for our various business areas. Working with sustainability is very high on our agenda and we have a great focus on it within all levels and processes within the Proton Group. Through our way of working and by updating the sustainability story annually, we will be able to show both ourselves and our stakeholders what we do and make the results of our work visible.

Did the sustainability story turn out as intended?

– It actually turned out to be much more than that, it really breathes Proton and is just as transparent as we wanted and also very personal. Many sustainability stories and reports are often cast in a different form, but together we managed to create a story that is true to us, both in spirit and values. We named it Positivity*, since it connects to the foundation, says Maria proudly.

 *Proton stands for positive change. With smart industrial solutions, we create meaningful jobs and manage the earth’s resources. Together we can contribute to a better world for the next generation.


Read our sustainability story here

“Our focus on sustainability is a fantastic opportunity to develop a company”

David Gustafsson CEO Proton Group

– Customers, consumers and demanders want sustainable solutions today. Being able to offer sustainability as part of the business model will be a prerequisite for companies that want to grow in the future. To be clear, it is a matter of survival. If we cannot turn the tide, there is no tomorrow for any of us. And there is definitely no Proton Group. We are not required as a company to produce a sustainability report, but still choose to publish a sustainability story as it is important for us to be clear and transparent to all our stakeholders. Working with sustainability is a way of creating a positive difference for the coming generations, David Gustafsson, CEO of Proton Group points out.

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