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In 1945, Exaktor was founded in Stockholm and over the years the company has developed strongly with a focus on technical lighting solutions.


Exaktor in Finland

In 2008, the Finnish sales company Proton Lighting Suomi Oy opened in Helsinki, and in autumn 2016 the company moved to larger premises in Vantaa.



New and larger sales organisation and more lighting designers. We put all the light on our customers.


Exaktor is a Swedish total supplier of lighting in the Nordic region.
For our customers, we are the first choice as a lighting technology partner.

The story

In 1945 the company Exaktor was founded in Stockholm and in 1947 it moved to Oxösund. Ten years later Exaktor established in Värnamo. At that time, radiant heaters were manufactured and gradually, it switched to lighting and lighting fixtures. Over the years, Exaktor has developed into a strong brand with a focus on technical lighting fixtures for industry, interiors and solutions.

Exaktor became Proton Lighting

In 1999, Exaktor was acquired by the Proton Group. The Exaktor company became Proton Lighting with the Exaktor brand. This meant a much broader base, with even greater opportunities. Since then, we have developed vigorously. A consistent focus on deep knowledge about lighting has contributed to our success. New products and new, exciting technology have enabled us to grow both in and outside Sweden. In Finland, we have our own subsidiary, Proton Lighting Suomi Oy.

Manufacturing in Värnamo

In Sweden, in addition to our head office in Värnamo, we have our own sales offices in Stockholm, Kungsbacka, Malmö, Örebro and Sundsvall. All our manufacturing still takes place in Värnamo, where we have also built a state-of-the-art laboratory for verification of our products. In the laboratory we quickly and professionally can perform light calculations for you as a customer.

A suppplier of services and solutions

We are one of four business areas in the Proton Group, a group of companies founded in 1990. Over the years, we have increasingly become a supplier of services and solutions. Sharp solutions that we have built and are building together with our customers.

Proton Group

A part of Proton Group

Proton is a Swedish, family-owned industrial group in growth. We make long-term investments in people, companies and industries with potential for development. The journey towards the goal, the challenges we face along the way and the pride in the work we do together is our common driving force. ENJOY SUCCEEDING TOGETHER®!

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