General lighting at the fire station

When the fire station in Svedala was to replace its old T8 luminaires in the premises, the choice fell on the Swedish-made luminaire Zenit LED from Exaktor.

“A requirement from the rescue service was to create a shadow-free light because the vehicles obscure so much of the light when they are inside the hall, and we have succeeded in that”, says Thorbjörn Sjöqvist, Electricity Manager at Svedab in Svedala. “It is also important that the light can reach into the vehicles’ cabinets when they are open.”

Zenit LED is a highly efficient industrial luminaire with a luminaire body in aluminum that has cooling properties and a long service life. The luminaire is not sensitive to cold or vibration and therefore works very well as general lighting in environments such as the fire station where vehicles pass in and out, and where gates are often open.

Torbjörn continues:
“Environments such as the rescue service make slightly different demands on light control. In this case, the general lighting is controlled with DALI during day and night, but in the event of an alarm, the control is switched off immediately and the light goes up to 100%.”

  • About Zenit LED

    Zenit LED

    • Efficient LED lumanaire with good glare properties
    • Several variants with different light emission
    • Suitable as general lighting for warehouse, industries, supermarkets etc
    • Zenit Galler, is approved according to standard DIN 57710-13/ VDE 0710-13
    • Produced in Värnamo, Sweden
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