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When the well-used furniture from the 90s left the Proton Group’s group office, Katarina Rebo, Lighting Designer at Proton Lighting, had the chance to plan for a new stylish and smart lighting. The old lighting in the office consisted only of older fluorescent and incandescent luminaires, a lighting solution that was both inefficient and energy-intensive.

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By combining different light sources, adapted color temperature and smart light control, Katarina created a completely different expression in the newly renovated office. Katarina says:

“The office is large and has several different functions and together with the customer I discussed a solution where the room is divided into different zones to be able to satisfy different requirements on different surfaces.

Zone one is the office workplace itself where the work table lighting needs to meet the requirements of 500 lux on the work surface. There I chose to use our suspended luminaire Ra.

Zone two is the conference part. There I wanted to create a lighting that is both stylish and practical. Since the conference table is also a place where you sit and work for many hours, the work table surface also needs to have good lighting with 500 lux and an ambient light of 300 lux. Here I chose to use a suspended lighting with Galatea combined with a recessed general light, Dimma TW.

The third zone is a seating group that is intended for slightly more informal conversations in a relaxed environment and is in direct contrast to the stricter work part. To create coziness, I combined the sofa group with our Galatea as a suspended lighting over the coffee table.

The office in the building faces northwest, which means less light during the winter. This is partially compensated by large window openings, but the room can still be experienced as obscure for long periods. To make the room brighter, I therefore placed Dimma TW with the function tunable white as a general light in the room. Through a programming of light level and color temperature that runs between the color temperature 4000K and 6000K, a normal daylight circle is recreated, from morning to evening.

Downlight Lyra is placed along the walls. Lyra has a narrow beam of light that highlights the paintings that hang on the walls, and creates an interesting play between light and shadow on the wall surfaces that are empty. ”

Robert Dahlgren works as an electrical engineer at Proton Lighting and further describes how the lighting control in the office was planned:

“The lighting with the general lighting Dimma TW and downlight Lyra has an active daylight compensation. Through the Tunable White function, the Dimma luminaire has also been programmed so that both light level and color temperature automatically change during the day according to a preset schedule. The lighting has a presence control with sensors, but it can also be controlled manually via a wall switch.

If you want to change pre-programmed light settings yourself during the working day, it is also possible to control both Dimma and Lyra via Bluetooth and your phone.”

Products in the project

  • Dimma TW
  • Lyra
  • Galatea
  • Ra
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